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It contains in its pages all things sublime and unridiculous, all things elevated and marvellous. All things classic and exceptional and beautiful as can be.


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Mountain Lodge at Berber, in the heart of his domain Amizmiz

BRUNO DUBOIS-ROQUEBERT confides in Mehdi GRAINCOURT and evokes the historical past of his family.

Mohammed V, Hassan II tels que je les ai connus


"Mohammed V, Hassan II, as I have known" is the book written by Dr. Henri Dubois Roquebert, French surgeon installed in Morocco in 1932 until his death in 1972, in which the author reflects events marking the political history of the Kingdom and friendship that has linked the two Sovereigns deceased.



The book "Hassan le défi"


The Challenge is different. And because it was written by the king himself and in fact corresponds to his memoirs. Or at least until 1976, date of the publication of the book.

"For the people, by the people," this could be the subtitle of this book to King Hassan II, King of Morocco, descendant of the Prophet and Commander of the Faithful.

In these memoirs, the ruler of all his adolescence and evokes the darkest time of the Protectorate. We see the young Crown Prince Hassan, an ardent nationalist activist passionately involved in the struggle for
independence waged his father Mohammed V; we see him share with him the captivity, exile, finally the joy of finding the free homeland.

Death comes to take the one that is discussed here with a strong respect and extreme humility. Here Hassan II on the Alawite throne. This is another fight that should lead alone, in difficult circumstances, sometimes scary. He began to build a modern nation, to adjust the boundaries of the problem disrupted by colonial adventures, maintaining peace and establishing social justice.



Hassan II La Mémoire d'un Roi


"This book is a unique document. Hassan II, King of Morocco for thirty-two years, agreed to answer all questions of Eric Laurent, not dodging any subject, even the most delicate and most brulants. Never Moroccan king gone so far into the confidences, both in his life, King business, its relationship with France and its relations with de Gaulle, Mitterrand, Giscard d'Estaing, Pompidou. Both actor and narrator of the story, mixing anecdotes, reflections and revelations, he leads readers in his chess with Boumedienne, his clashes then his reconciliation with Gaddafi. He mentioned his talks with Kissinger and Bush, his encounters secret with Moshe Dayan and Yitzhak Rabin. For the first time, it opens up a number of issues and, through the pages, the man is revealed behind the monarch. He shares his vision of power, explains his choice for Morocco without avoiding the tragedies that have marked his reign, whether or Oufkir Ben Barka. Both close to France and unknown to us, arousing passions, Hassan II, through this historical witness, gives us the keys to an extraordinary story which he is the key player. "



Leur Maroc


Regard d'écrivains, artistes, voyageurs, venus d'ailleurs'' de Mehdi de Graincourt.

Fruit d'une longue recherche, le beau livre offre ainsi un panorama de plus de 60 portraits de célébrités qui ont séjourné au Maroc. De Matisse à Yves Saint Laurent, en passant par Paul Bowles, Jean Genet, Maurice Ravel et Joséphine Baker, ces stars ont toutes transmis leur amour du Royaume au monde entier.






Six centuries of history ... This is the fifteenth century with the installation of the Portuguese, Charles-André Julien, breaking myths and against the historical consensus, seeking the roots of the Moroccan people resistance movement never accepted the domination of foreign powers. Lyautey in Morocco restoration of Moroccan sovereignty and territorial unity, Charles-André Julien, acting as a witness, is a tour de force to this book which shows forge the personality of Si Mohammed, the future Mohammed V, symbol and architect of the national resistance.